Helium Provides ‘Refereed’ Content for Local Media

via BIA/Kelsey

Everyone is fighting for better, more cost-efficient way of producing content for Websites. But is the so-called “content mill,” search optimized approach of a Demand Media, Associated Content or Examiner.com the only way to achieve this?

Whether you agree or disagree with the characterization of these companies (we largely disagree), alternatives are out there. One alternative is presented by Helium, a 29 person, Boston-based firm that brings in text articles from 160,000 writers and editors; filters it via peer review to let the best voices rise to the top; and allows media partners to generally choose from multiple entries for the best fit.

Helium was founded in October 2006 and has received $16 million in Series A funding. Most interestingly to us, it is also 20 percent owned by mega publisher RR Donnelly. Indeed, RRD, with 1,200 sales reps, is its principal reseller to local media clients including TV stations, radio stations, newspapers, Yellow Pages and Web pure plays.
Using Helium, media partners can personalize the content for their own purpose.


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