RT @the_nerdery: When your employer pays

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RT @the_nerdery: When your employer pays for a Minecraft server, you must build something huge to say thanks. http://twitpic.com/8sexay


New Google Privacy Policy..

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I keep seeing posts about how we should make sure to delete our +Google search  history before midnight tonight…  Seriously, why?  At least, in America, I’m sure that the government is monitoring everything we do anyway…  They love to break wiretapping laws like that.. #lol…

But seriously, are people actually worried about someone seeing their search results?  If you are searching for something that you’d like to hide, why are you logged in when doing it?  Or, for that matter why are you not at elast using a proxie to try and hide behind?

Personally, I welcome the new, improved services that this will eventually provide.  I say monitor my usage +Google, and use them to make my web experience even better.  I’d rather you do it that the American government… 🙂


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Interesting video… #Google http://vide

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Interesting video…

#lol … Someone just dedicated a Valent

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#lol …
Someone just dedicated a Valentine’s song on http://www.TheZone.fm to his hand, “[…] for always being there.”…

this is just #awesome… http://www.ro.m

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this is just #awesome… http://www.ro.me

#lol… RT @the_nerdery: When the networ

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#lol… RT @the_nerdery: When the network goes down, this song starts playing in my head. http://youtu.be/JwZwkk7q25I