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Why Do We Still Classify People by Skin Color?

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Although this blog was created for one of my courses at my University, I feel that this blog rant would fit in here.  I’ll also post it on my other blog, as well, but I hope that maybe it can help people see what we really need to do to fix our society…

We are hearing a lot lately about “racial” violence, discrimination, or other such wrong-doings.  Mostly this is with the poor boy who was murdered by a neighborhood watch member in Florida.  Forgive me if I forget his name, I have so many different streams of information flowing across my desk everyday, it’s hard to keep up with the minor specifics.

Well, this morning NPR had a short segment about that kid and what is being done about his murder.  It is nice that they are apparently going to investigate it, and possibly take it seriously.  But, my problem is that it is all going to come full circle in the end.  As with all other instances like this, there is always a big movement to get something done, everyone pays attention for awhile, and then it all eventually goes back to “normal” in the end.  Following this pattern the Florida government will have a task force to determine how to ensure that something like this never happens again.  Haven’t we had those task forces before?  Have they ever done anything before?  If they actually worked, this kid would never have been murdered.

I am a strong believer in what I feel is the only true answer to stopping situations like this from ever happening again.  If you do not want people to be racist, or what ever other form of discrimination you are fighting, then get rid of racism.  Simply put, we as a society are responsible for all of the racist actions that take place.  How often have you filled out a form that wanted your race?  What is that really for?  Why should I be classified based on the color of my skin?  I am not a color!  I am a person.  Whether my skin tone is so pale that I look like a ghost, so dark you can’t see me at night, or somewhere in between; how does that have anything to do with who I am as a person?

The answer is that it does not.  Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about culture, ethnicity, ancestry or anything like that.  I’m referring strictly to the irrelevant views of people based on the color of their skin.  I personally have never seen a “white” person, even an albino isn’t white.  Nor have I ever seen a “black” person, though some people have very dark skin.  I have seen varying skin colors in all walks of life, all social circles, all social classes, and all economic classes.  I have see varying skin colors in every different religion, in every different hobby, sport, and activity.  So how exactly does the color of my skin make me any different from every other person who shares my interests and beliefs?  It doesn’t.

My point here is that if we really want to do something about this, we need to remove the idea that skin color means anything at all.  I, personally, always check the “other” box on those racial questions.  We need to as a whole stop letting the government push racism onto us, and believing that it is our fault.  If there are no “races” there can be no racism.

I, for one, am an American member of the global society.  Aside from that, my race is that of the Human Race!